5 Reasons to Stay at the Conference Hotel

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If you are in the blogging world, you have probably attended or at least thought about attending a conference. I attend a lot of conferences, mainly to network and find other like-minded peers to form collaborations and support. Over the years I’ve learned a few “secrets” and the first one I am sharing with you is, “5 Reasons to stay at the conference hotel.”

What is a conference hotel?

Most likely the event you are attending will have a room block at a hotel near the venue. They may even be using the hotel as the conference venue. This is what I am talking about when I refer to the conference hotel.

Why do people not stay at the conference preferred hotel?

I can’t speak for everyone, but the few times I did stay at a non-conference hotel it was due to cost. Conference attendance can get expensive, so cutting corners anyway I could was usually at the forefront of my planning.

The other reason I’ve had to stay at a hotel not associated with the conference was due to poor planning on my part. Once the room block is sold out it’s highly unlikely you will be able to find a room or use a discount.

I’ve had other attendees tell me they book vacation rentals or other hotels to accommodate larger groups or families.

Why you should stay at the conference hotel.

Here is where I give you all five of my reasons in a nutshell.

  1. The majority of attendees will be staying at the conference hotel. If you want to network or connect with people you need to be at the main hotel. That’s where all of the action is taking place.
  2. Room drops just may happen. Sometimes brands or sponsors provide small gifts for the conference attendees and those gifts are delivered to the hotel rooms associated with the conference. I’ve received everything from wine to gift cards. It’s usually things you will regret not receiving.
  3. Special meetings normally take place in the conference hotel. Cocktail hours, after hours parties, one on one meetings are just a few of the things you will be missing out on if you stay at a hotel down the road.
  4. Convenience. Time is of the essence when you need to be at a meeting, presentation or workshop. If you are at the hotel down the road and need to drive or rideshare to the conference hotel, your planning has to be precise. You could potentially miss important things. If you are at the conference hotel, you can control what time you arrive for the day. Plus your room will be right there if you need to escape for a few hours, nap or just take a break!
  5. Cost. This is a big one. Most blogger conferences are hosted in higher end hotels. So the costs may be more than you are used to paying. This was the number one reason I tried staying off sight. It didn’t work! Until I paid for breakfast, rideshare, left early, meals, etc. I really didn’t save enough to make it matter. All I really did was create more headaches for myself. Plus those higher end hotels are a treat. Take advantage of it!

I learned rather quickly that the preffered hotel is definitely the place to be! The convenience, amenities and socializing make it all worth the cost.

How to cut down on hotel costs

If the cost is hindering you from staying at the preferred hotel you can do a few simple things to cut the costs down.

Find a roommate. Most rooms will be double occupancy so finding a buddy to split the cost can help save a few dollars.

Plan ahead. If you have a brand or business you are working closely with consider asking them to sponsor your trip or room. You never know what they will say.

Bring your own snacks and water. For after conference hours if you are able to bring your own refreshments, you can save in that way. The less you spend on outside food and entertainment the more you will save overall.

Do you think it’s worth paying the price to stay at a conference hotel?

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